With Envia : riding means validating !

I ride so I validate my ticket.

Paying for your transport is being responsible and showing respect.

You must validate your ticket every time you board a bus.

Riding in order with a valid ticket is in everyone's interest.

Indeed paying for your fare means for you to acknowledge the day-to-day service provided and it  therefore helps us in our ongoing effort to improve our transport service while also helping to a more pleasant trip both for you and the other riders.

Failing to validate or ride without a transport ticket is an offence and will lead to ticketing or a fine.

Amount and payment of fines

Exceeding the expiry date on your transport ticket : 45 €
Failure to submit your transport ticket : 60 €
Falsification of your transport ticket* : 60 €
Causing damage* : 150 €

Filing fees of 38 € will be added to these amounts

*This fine does not exclude the criminal prosecutions which could be initiated if necessary.

You can pay your fine :

-  At the « Agence Mobilités » ticket office if you pay immediately by cheque, credit card or cash.