SMS/E-mail alerts

Become a member of the website of Envia's network and get informed in advance and for free about disruptions or modifications on the lines you use (such as new timetables, modified lines or a relocated bus stop...)

Why subscribe to these alerts?

While subscribing to SMS and E-mail alerts you remain informed in real-time of exclusive news traffic alerts regarding your favourite lines and any updates about Envia's transport network.

In this way you will be able to optimize your bus ride in case of detour road, disruptions or bad weather... 

Subscribing to the alerts is easy and free you can choose your proper piece of information by selecting :
- Your favorite bus lines.
- The week days you are the most interested in.
- The receiving mode : SMS and/or E-mail

To do so you have to create your personal share account by clicking on « My account » in the home page on the top right-hand corner of the website.