Your home journey – work at lower cost !

Since January 1st, 2009, all employers must cover 50 % of the cost of public transportation passes for their employees who request it.

  • What is the transport allowance ?

Article n° 20 of the law 2008-1330 of December 17, 2008 and the decree 2008-1501 of December 30, 2008 require employers to contribute to the fees incurred by their employees to go to their workplace, by offering them a transport allowance.

The national civil service and the hospital public service is eligible to the transport allowance since the publication of decree 2010 - 676 of June 21, 2010 specially intended for communities. Do not hesitate to inquire with your employer.

  • Who can benefit ?

All employees, including temporary workers, apprentices and part-time workers.

  • What subscriptions are beared ?

The subscriptions concerned by the Prime Transport must be nominative and offer an unlimited number of journeys. Subscriptions meeting these criteria are annual and monthly subscriptions.

  • How to benefit from reimbursement by the employer ?

The participation must appear on the employee’s pay slip at the latest at the end of the month following that for which the ticket was validated (m+1).

In order for the employer to reimburse, the employee must provide him with :

-The receipts of bus tickets used during the previous month (original or photocopy of the invoice / sales receipt / proof of purchase)

-A photocopy of the transport card