The sweet mobility in the very heart of the town of Arles


  • A line at the service of both the inhabitants and the area

Supported by local-level initiatives Envia took up the challenge to provide with a free bycicle shuttle : « Hopla ! ». Together with the transport network the innovative and environmentally friendly mobility can link Boulevard Clemenceau to the old center of Arles.

  • A shuttle which can adapt to the bus ridership

With a length of 1. 6 kilometers Hopla ! runs every 20 minutes from Boulevard Clémenceau. Equipped with two-passenger seating the three-wheeled scooter forms a loop between  Boulevard Clemenceau, la place de la République, la place du Forum, rue de la grille, rue Jouveau, rue Léon Blum, rue du 4 Septembre, rue du docteur Fanton, le quai de la Roquette, rue E. Giraud et rue de la République as indicated below :


Whenever the bus driver is available along his route he can pick up users on-demand by simply waving their hands.

« Hopla ! » works as below :

- 7 days a week (9 a.m - de 7 p.m) :from the Feria de Pâques (Easter period) to the Feria du Riz (early September)

- Tuesdays through Saturdays  (9 a.m - 6 p.m ) :from the Feria du Riz (early September)  to the Féria de pâques (Easter period)

Please note :

The line won't be working on Sundays and Mondays during the Feria that's to say on 13/04/20  as on the following bank holidays (08/05/20, 21/05/20, 01/06/20, 14/07/20, 15/08/20).